How to Share Your Outlook Calendar with Another Party


- The calendar must be yours or a group calendar you administer.
- You must have access to a PC with Internet Access

After you configure your account to allow another person to access your calendar, that person may need to connect to your calendar before they can view your appointments.  See  How to Open a Calendar Shared With Me 

First: Login to your Outlook Account

How to Login to Your NYCOURTS.GOV Email Account

Then: Open the Calendar View

 Group / From a Shared Mailbox? Click Here...

1. In the upper-right corner of the Outlook Web Access, click your name.

The menu will appear...

2. Click Open another mailbox...

3. Locate the Group Account in the search box and click Open.

The group inbox and calendar will now appear.

4. Click the Calendar Icon in the lower-left corner of Outlook Web Access.

 Personal / From Your Mailbox? Click here...

Click the Calendar Icon in the lower-left corner of Outlook Web Access.

Then: Open the Share Menu from the Toolbar

1. Click SHARE from the Toolbar.

2. IF a list of calendars appear Click the Calendar you wish to share.

3. A list of people who have access to your calendar will appear.

If the Person You Wish to Share Your Calendar With is ALREADY in the list and they are unable to access your Calendar then remove them from the share list and then add them again.

To remove from the list:

If the person is listed but they are unable to open the calendar from their mobile device you will need to delete the existing share before you continue.

  1. Locate the person in the list
  2. Click the TRASH icon.

After a few moments the name will disappear from the list.

To add to the list / send a sharing invitation:

1. Locate the "Send a sharing invitation in email" text box.
2. Type the NAME of the person you wish to share your calendar with.

When you select the name, it will appear in the list with "Can view when I'm busy" access level.

3. Change the access level to DELEGATE from the drop-down menu.

4. Click the SHARE button to complete the process.

5. Click DONE to return to Outlook Web Access.

The person / people you specified will receive an invitation to access your calendar.

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